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How much deep sleep should adults get

Sleep appears necessary for our nervous systems to work properly. When we switch into REM sleep , our breathing becomes more rapid, irregular, and shallow, our eyes jerk rapidly in various directions, and our limb muscles become temporarily paralyzed during sleep. Stay warm but not too warm. Any thoughts?
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How much deep sleep and light sleep should I be getting?

How much deep sleep should adults get
How much deep sleep should adults get
How much deep sleep should adults get
How much deep sleep should adults get
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Natural Patterns of Sleep | Healthy Sleep

People taught a skill and then deprived of non-REM sleep could recall what they had learned after sleeping, while people deprived of REM sleep could not. The best way to address your deep sleep, and to improve it, is to consciously and accurately track it. Hi Lew, sorry for the slow response! Mild sleep apnea frequently can be overcome through weight loss or by preventing the person from sleeping on his or her back. The SCN rests in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, just above the point where the optic nerves cross. Also I had sleep paralysis over a year or two, and other Narcolepsy traits but not at the same time or consistently.
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Natural Patterns of Sleep

An old proverb : charging my batteries. The pattern of clear rhythmic alpha activity associated with wakefulness gives way to N1, the first stage of sleep, which is defined by a low-voltage, mixed-frequency pattern. The person may snort or gasp, then resume snoring.
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These signals travel to a brain region called the thalamus, which relays them to the cerebral cortex — the outer layer of the brain that is responsible for learning, thinking, and organizing information. Sleep apnea also can occur if the neurons that control breathing malfunction during sleep. Daily supplements of melatonin may improve night-time sleep for such patients. The cycle continues throughout the night about every 90 minutes. In contrast, people report dreaming far less frequently when awakened from NREM sleep. Stage Two Sleep When we enter stage 2 sleep, our eye movements stop and our brain waves fluctuations of electrical activity that can be measured by electrodes become slower, with occasional bursts of rapid waves called sleep spindles.
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